Scorpions have a NASTY sting that can be painful and even deadly! Let us DEAL with these venomous PESTS!

The treatment of scorpions is a distinctively different treatment than normal pest control! Accordingly, Arizona Bug Doctor knows how to think like a scorpion, truly making a preemptive impact on eliminating them from your home, office, or yard!


  • Are you hearing crickets in your home? It is likely that you will discover scorpions sooner than later.
  • Seeing one scorpion can mean your entire home is infested with its friends.
  • One female scorpion can give birth to 100 baby scorpions!


  • There are more than 35 different species of scorpion in Arizona.
  • Scorpions are NOT insects; they are just one of the most annoying pest in the west. Scorpions are actually considered to be Arachnids - eight-legged creatures that include spiders, ticks, and scorpions in the family.
  • Not all scorpions are poisonous. Some scorpions do contain a lethal sting, but most only have stings that are as potent as a honey bee sting. However, stings can be deadly. If you happen to have an allergic reaction to a sting, it can very well be fatal. Don't be fooled by even the smallest scorpion. Despite not running a high risk of death, the striped bark scorpion sting is MOST painful.
  • Scorpions seek your temperate home environment. Once it begins to cool down and the sun begins to set, scorpions that are mostly living in the desert under rocks and logs all day, come out and hunt for food. Scorpions can live without food or water for 4 months. In hibernation, some can live 7 months without food or water. In a typical desert homes, thermostats are typically maintained with the same 3 degree temperature zone, in which scorpions can live a very comfortable life.

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Scorpions in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ

Scorpion with Babies

Scorpions in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ
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