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Wasps most feared by people because of the fact that a number of species can sting when threatened. Although they look similar to bees, wasps can be distinguished by their pointed lower abdomen and thin center. Wasps have two pairs of wings and can be up to 1.5 inches in length.

Although some species of wasps may be very bothersome to people, majority of the species are solitary and non-stinging. Additionally, wasps are extremely important in the control of other pest insects because almost all pests are the food source for at least one species of wasp. Without the presence of wasps, this natural insect control would not be possible. Although wasps are helpful to the environment, they can also be dangerous when encountering people. If their nest is distrusted, wasps become very defensive and will swarm and sting in order to protect the nest.

Different species of wasps vary greatly in appearance. All have one large and one small pairs of wings. Wasps can vary in color from the more familiar yellow to brown, blue and even a bright red.


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great customer service all around. Techs are friendly and professional. Thanks for providing the service to my home

Jeramy Moody

Terry in the phoenix office is GREAT! Her customer service is why we continue to use this company, and the fact that whatever they spray works. Haven't seen any bugs unless I dont have them out for a month or 2. Good pricing and their technicians are nice also

Stephanie Speichinger

Used AZ Bug Doctor for Termite Treatment. They were very helpful and did a great job! Terry in the office is super friendly and helpful. Their field staff Larry, does great work and is honest and careful.


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