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Positive: Punctuality, Quality,
 Responsiveness, Value, great customer service all around. Techs are friendly and professional. Thanks for providing the service to my home

Jeramy Moody

Terry in the phoenix office is GREAT! Her customer service is why we continue to use this company, and the fact that whatever they spray works. Haven't seen any bugs unless I dont have them out for a month or 2. Good pricing and their technicians are nice also


Used AZ Bug Doctor for Termite Treatment. They were very helpful and did a great job! Terry in the office is super friendly and helpful. Their field staff Larry, does great work and is honest and careful.



Keep your pets and family safe by leaving it to the professionals, handling wasp can be a daunting task especially because if you are stung they leave a chemical that will help other wasp identify and attack you.
Arizona Bug Doctor provides a comprehensive pest control services of all kinds. We go above and beyond the competition and offer a complete treatment that includes all harborage spots in and around your home, the yard, and even the yard wall.
Termites are highly social insects that live in colonies where populations can reach more that one million. A colony consists of several structurally differentiated forms living together as castes...don't wait for this to happen!
Rodents can cause FIRES, they won't hesitate to BITE passing strep bacteria, their feces are a hub for all kinds of diseases especially when they dry up and get into the air, you can also get hantavirus by simply living in a rodent infested home!
The treatment of scorpions is a distinctively different treatment than normal pest control! Accordingly, Arizona Bug Doctor knows how to think like a scorpion, truly making a preemptive impact on eliminating them from your home, office, or yard!
Bees are important to the ecosystem because they provide pollen to plants, which plants need to grow. However, when a group of bees decides to builds a hive near your home, they can become a danger to people, especially if the hive is disturbed.

Commercial Services

Public safety and Image is EVERYTHING while running a business, we have a strong understanding of discretion and efficiency when it comes to your place of business. Leave it to us and we will get you all taken care of.

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Residential Services

Our Residential Pest Control Services include treatment of current infestations, as well as preventative methods and treatments to protect your home, children, pets, and anything of utmost value. Our family is here to take care of your!

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"The best compliment we can receive is a referral"

We LOVE to take care of our customers that refer us to their network, we will provide 1 month free of service when we get a referral from you. This is uncapped and unlimited which means the more you refer us the longer you receive services free of charge! Contact us today if you have questions.

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